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Construction companies never have just one office. That’s why remote support is so important for your business. Southridge Technology installs and maintains main office technology, but also provides remote support and establishes temporary, on-site offices.

On the job site or in the office, your files, figures and sketches can be accessed securely from the cloud.

Southridge Technology can:

Install and maintain technology for on-site, temporary office locations

Need internet or phone lines at a temporary location during construction? That’s not a problem for Southridge Technology. We’ll come on-site and provide full-service setup and support.

Central server setup and support

We can host all your files, email, and website on our remote server to free up space in your offices and free time from complicated server maintenance. We monitor our servers 24/7 so that we can catch potential errors before they manifest.

Provide mobile device setup and training

Our technicians are trained and certified in a range of different software and hardware solutions. They are well-versed in arriving on-site to train new employees or whole offices depending on client needs.

Provide remote desktop software installation and support

Log into your desktop remotely from any location to securely access important documents and files with our custom cloud solutions.

We can manage the technology of your entire office, allowing staff to focus on scheduling and providing the best possible service.

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