Medical Practice IT Infrastructure

Medical professionals know how important technology is to running a practice, and Southridge Technology has the experience necessary to fully set up and maintain an entire medical practice. Southridge Technology works with a range of medical offices, from family practices to specialty offices. We visit on-site and assess the technology needs of the office, from hardware to security.

Southridge Technology has certified Cybersecurity Breach Security & Compliance Specialists on staff who are trained in protecting patient data and experienced in medical scheduling software support.

We specialize in technology solutions for medical offices, and can provide the following services:

  • Cyber Security Compliance.

    As Cybersecurity Specialists, Southridge Technology knows how to securely store your patient data so that it is compliant with HIPAA and HITECH technology laws. We can provide a free Cybersecurity Breach Assessment audit and suggest data storage solutions to solve potential vulnerabilities.

  • Email, website, and data hosting for medical offices.

    Southridge Technology can securely host and store data. We provide 24/7 server monitoring and proactively catch potential security risks before they become a problem.

  • Backup and data recovery software.

    We provide disaster prevention and recovery in case of power failure or electrical surges caused by disasters such as fires, storms, and floods. In addition, we provide ongoing malware and virus protection, which ensures the safety of digitally stored patient information

  • Medical appointment scheduling software.

    Southridge Technology is experienced in installing, supporting medical appointment scheduling software, medical billing software, and medical management software.

  • Office hardware, including specialty medical equipment.

    Southridge Technology installs and services medical desktops, tablet PCs, and server systems.

We can manage the technology of your entire Medical office, allowing administrative staff and medical staff to focus on scheduling and providing the best possible medical care.

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