Virus Protection

Viruses are a major threat to company security and can wreak havoc on a business by stealing sensitive files or destroying all company records. New viruses are created every day, with hackers continually designing new programs to steal valuable data or crash whole systems.

There has been a rise in viruses designed to steal sensitive data from businesses. The medical industries  have to be especially diligent about blocking these for HIPAA compliance  purposes.

Threats don’t always come from attackers out to sabotage you personally. Many attacks are carried out by automated programs that “cruise” the Web, scanning for any and all vulnerabilities. Destructive software can then automatically exploit these vulnerabilities by installing viruses or other malicious code on the accessible computers. Malware attacks can leave businesses without computers for whole weeks, completely destroying productivity and costing thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, there are ways to defend against these threats. At Southridge Technology we know how to keep all your workstations virus-free while eliminating the need for continuous upgrading as new viruses are released.

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