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What makes Southridge Technology a great place to work is being a “FAMILY.” Having a company that eats and breaths as a single entity, allows for harmony. Everyone has each others backs and this allows us to have the confidence necessary to keep our customers very satisfied!

I have been here for about 4 years and it does not feel like it. When you love your job it truly does not feel like work. Great management/ company culture is the reason for that.

I truly enjoy my co-workers as people and as fellow employees. I have been given plenty of chances to expand my knowledgebase and work on new challenges without feeling like I was ever on my own. I also like the transparency that goes into rating everyone’s performance and getting the notifications when you have been rated by a client.

Southridge Technology is such a great place because you do not feel as if you are just an employee. You are part of a team. Jonathan & Janine care about their employees, clients and the community. Thank you.

There is a real family feel to the team at Southridge Technology. Management and staff all genuinely care for each other on more than just a professional level. All workplaces have good and bad days, but at Southridge you really feel like people have your back.

Southridge is a comfortable laid back environment that welcomes growth and presents opportunity for those who seek it. The support system that SRT has for their staff is unmatchable to any other workplace. I highly recommend working for Southridge due to their values, expertise and support system. 

Great team to work with. Always so positive and upbeat. Very cohesive team. Management is always looking out for the employees.

I think it’s an excellent opportunity for people who are willing to learn as they go. Also need to have a solid work ethic and you will be exposed to a lot of growth potential. I did actually recommend a friend to Southridge for a sales position but I don’t think we’re currently hiring for it anymore.

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